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If you are a stressed-out woman who’s looking for help finding calm and happiness, Smart Women Inspired Lives is a great place to find that female empowerment support you’ve been looking for.

Whether your home life, your career or other difficult situations have you reeling and wondering where your personal time and your happiness fluttered away, you’ll get lots of  ideas from my blog posts, classes and coaching packages offered here from the website.

I’m Lisa Kaplin, a psychologist and certified life coach. I started Smart Women Inspired Lives as a way to reach out and help women wherever they are. I work with women in lots of different time zones through phone sessions, video conferencing, and also in person if you happen to live in the Chicago area.

If you are dealing with difficult life changes like divorce, are fighting with your kids over everything imaginable or just feel sad and need more happiness in your life, the tools here will help you get to the place you want to be. If you are stuck in a rut or want to move past a huge confidence block so that you can shine in your career and in your life, Smart Women Inspired Lives can help with that too.

Where to Begin

Sign up to receive your free Building Self Confidence Right this Minute video series to get a flavor of what I’m like and what I offer, then if you want to explore a little more, begin with your free consultation and schedule your 30 minute session with me.

I look forward to getting to know you better!

Lisa Kaplin, Psy. D, CPC is a certified Life Coach and Psychologist at Smart Women Inspired Lives. She is the proud owner of Smart Women Inspired Lives, where she helps overwhelmed and exhausted women move from the feeling of being “stuck” into a life filled with calm, confidence, and joy. In addition to the posts and articles she writes, she offers individual and group life coaching sessions, classes and speaking engagement opportunities.

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