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What’s Your Best Feature?

Two smiling women holding photo frames in front of their faces standing on a beach with the ocean in the background

Recently, I was teaching a group of wonderful women around the topic of women’s confidence and assertiveness. As part of the course, we interview another woman in the room with questions regarding the areas they feel successful and confident. One of the questions in the assignment is to ask the woman […]

Planning for the Stomach Flu

photo of page in a dayplanner with one date circled in red.

A few weeks ago, my husband called to tell me that he had the stomach flu. I was out of town and I think I kindly said, “As soon as you feel better, can you disinfect the house?” He actually did do that! I got home after the sickness-tsunami with my […]

Start Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution Right This Minute

woman's hand holding up a lit sparkler

Yep! I’m recommending an early New Year’s Resolution plan and here’s why. On December 31st, most of us come up with a few big resolutions. “I’m going to lose twenty pounds.” “I’m going to get organized.” “I’m going to start working out.” And although these resolutions are fine, they are doomed […]

Thankful Today and Every Day

Photo of a white ceramic heart that reads I am grateful with a background of grey wooden boards

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful people who read my newsletter, send me thoughtful and kind comments, and share your stories with me. I started blogging as a way to express myself and it turned into a beautiful way to connect with others while still sharing my own thoughts and […]

The Biggest Mom Fail of 2017 (So Far!)

photo of a boy rom behind sitting alone on a wall looking at the ocean

My youngest child is a senior in high school and in the process of looking at colleges. This summer, he did a few college visits with his older brother. At the end of the summer, I brought him and my daughter on a business trip with me to look at another […]

Flying Into My Fears

photo of back of woman's head in foreground as she looks out an airplane window at a blue sky and white clouds

Business travel is pretty common for me. I’m a Chicagoan and I fly in and out of O’Hare Airport and typically fly on full-sized jets. Don’t ask me the names or numbers of them because I have no idea. I just know a lot of people fit on them. Recently, I […]

The Problem With People-Pleasing

woman in a grey suit holding out a business card that reads NO, thank you.

Like many people I know, I’m a people-pleaser. I really like people to like me. It feels good to be liked and likeable, as well as being noticed and complimented. People-pleasing comes easy to me as I’ve done it for most of my life. However, over the last few years, I’ve […]

What’s Wrong with Relationships?

coworkers sitting around a white conference table laughing and playing cards

As part of my business, I am a corporate trainer as well as a lead trainer for a fabulous coaching school. I love my work. I train people around leadership skills, communication, and relationships. Yet I find that when I even mention the word relationships, I get oddly negative responses from […]

Your Child in a Word

random scrabble tiles accompanied by the text What word do you hope will describe your child when they grow up?

Often, when I’m talking to parents of young school-aged children, I ask them to come up with a word or phrase that they hope will describe their child when they are eighteen years old. I do this to help parents look at the end of most of their parenting duties and […]

The Groundhog Day Yoga Class

photo of a dartboard with many darts sticking out and none are in the bullseye.

How many of you have seen and loved the movie, Groundhog Day? Bill Murray gets to live Groundhog Day over and over again until he gains insight into himself and his place in the world. How many of us wouldn’t love a chance to redo a day until we got it […]