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You can do better!

When I was a senior in high school my graduation plan consisted of working in downtown Chicago as somebodies administrative assistant, marrying my high school sweetheart, and having babies. All in all not a terrible plan and one that I’m sure I would have made more pleasant than not due to […]

Not My Time Syndrome

Over the last few months I have been training to be a life coach. I was required to practice interviewing individuals in order to complete my training. Instead of bothering strangers on the street, I instead bothered the people that I bother most, my friends.  In every single practice interview I […]

The Very Important and Not Forgotten DAD!

Last week I wrote a blog about mothers and daughters and many people have asked me to expand on that to include fathers. I didn’t intentionally exclude dads, it’s just that my private coaching work focuses on women and I’m neither a father nor do I play one on TV. However, […]

The Never Before Told, Super Secret Ingredient for Raising an Amazing Daughter

The Never Before Told, Super Secret Ingredient for Raising an Amazing Daughter

As a life coach and a psychologist I’m often asked how to raise a great daughter without using a cattle prod or boat loads of inappropriate language. Any quick Google search will tell you the answer lies in self esteem, sports, academics, friends, and family stability. Those are all extremely important […]

Preparing for a Rotten New Year or NOT?

Preparing for a Rotten New Year or NOT?

Here’s how to have a really bad New Year:
Act like and/or believe that you or any member of your family is a victim of some sort. Say things like: “Poor me, I have to do everything around here, no one helps me” or “My marriage is bad, I have no […]

Gratitude for the Stomach Flu and Life’s Other Miseries

I’m grateful to the past for setting me right here in the present and allowing me to learn from all that came my way, both good and bad.

Every Thanksgiving I spend about 10 seconds thinking about what I’m grateful for. The list doesn’t change too much and it goes something like this, “I’m grateful for the health of me and all of those that I love, my family, my friends, work, and my dog.” The order is often […]