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Losing Weight Won’t Make You Happier: Here’s Why

Losing Weight Won't Make You Happier: Here's Why

She is 17 and she walks into my office with a depressed look on her face. She says, "this is going to be a bad summer for me." I ask her why and she says, "because I'm going to have to lose weight before I go to the beach with my […]

Getting Up and Finding Happiness 100% of the Time

finding happiness

Finding Happiness Within
Recently I posted a meme on Facebook that said, "On particularly rough days when I'm sure I can't possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that's pretty good."  I didn't make it up, I […]

How to Enjoy a Stress Free Life!

Like many, you may be feeling overwhelmed and are looking for a stress free life. Stress is so hard on the body, on our emotional well-being, and on our relationships.

Living Stress Free
Often after a week of working with clients I find that a theme shows up for a number of clients.  Some common themes have been struggling with setting limits, lack of confidence, fear of success, and relationship issues.  There is one theme, however, that seems to be constant […]

The Happy and Sad Tears of Motherhood

In a couple of weeks my baby graduates from 8th grade and the era of mothering grade schoolers will be over for me.  Part of me is filled with joy that I will never have to attend a painful school picnic, or parent/teacher meeting yet there is another part of me […]

Facing Fears and Finding Joy

Finding Joy and Facing Fears

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an author. Books were my joy, my escape, my adventure, and my friend when things got tough.

As I got older, slowly my dream of becoming an author faded as I took on the “have tos” and […]

The Mean Girl and The Bathing Suit – My Messy Beautiful

Since I was young a mean girl has viciously bullied me.  She criticizes my appearance; she is condescending, rude, and terribly cruel.  The mean girl tells me that I’m stupid, I should give up, and that my ass is too fat and my legs are too bumpy.  She’s criticized my ability […]

The Secret of Happiness is Surprisingly Easy

The Secret of Happiness is Surprisingly Easy

What is the one true secret of happiness? It's surprisingly easy and yet often difficult for most of us to achieve. The true secret of happiness is to find your passions and to follow them throughout your life. When we are unhappy we have fallen off the path of what means the most to […]

The Happiness Hunt (part 2): The Internal Pursuit

The Happiness Hunt - How to be Happy

Last time, we discussed the external pursuit of joy and happiness.  This week lets talk about the more important path to happiness and that is our internal process that leads us there.  Joy, fulfillment, and happiness can happen despite external situations that are difficult.  Can we be happy if we don’t […]

The Happiness Hunt (part 1): The External Pursuit

One of the most common reasons that women come to see me is that they have lost the feeling of happiness in their lives. Maybe life didn’t turn out the way they thought it would or maybe it did and they thought they would be happier. Or they have lost weight, […]

Put Happiness in Your Life With The Joy Journey

The joy journey to happiness

Three years ago on January 1st I started to put a small entry into a "One line a day" journal. I wrote something short each evening about my day and what worked in that day and what didn't. My goal was to put more joy into my life immediately. Although from […]