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An All Girls Camp . . . Disaster or Delightful? One Girl Spills the Truth

My 14-year-old daughter breaks my heart every summer as she joyfully hops on her camp bus to her so called “home away from home”.  She leaves this Sunday so I asked her if she’d write my July blog for me. I didn’t tell her what she could or should write about […]

Martyr Mamas and the Concrete Coat of Shoulds

Martyr Mamas and the Concrete Coat of Shoulds

I’m sure it started earlier than this but I began to notice it when I was pregnant with my first child. “You shouldn’t drink wine, or eat peanut butter or shell fish.  Don’t gain more than 30 pounds (which I misunderstood to mean per month vs. the whole pregnancy).”  “You should […]

It’s Hard to be Happy for Others and the ‘Yes, But’ Parenting Technique

It's Hard to be Happy for Others and the 'Yes, But' Parenting Technique

Sometimes it is damn hard to be happy for others!
My daughter has a friend from dance who will say to her mother, "Suzy is better at ballet than I am" and the mother responds, "Yes, but you are better at hip hop than Suzy is.”  Although I often found these […]

Are You Beautiful? A Few Reliable Sources to Find the Answer to That Question

Recently I learned of a sad situation in which teen girls were posting YouTube videos of themselves and asking viewers to respond to the question, "Am I beautiful?" They often received cruel, heartless responses that only adds to the misery of the story.

They should have checked with me first on […]

The One and Only Right Way to Parent

The One and Only Right Way to Parent

There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about stay at home moms, work outside of the home moms, wealthy moms, poor moms, moms who chew their child’s food before feeding them, and moms who eat their baby’s placenta (that’s a true story but not as gross as it […]

Three teen-aged girls take on the world one fear at a time

Three teen-aged girls take on the world one fear at a time

This week I brought my daughter and her two besties (she will be so annoyed that I used that word) to work with me.  My work for that day was giving three different presentations on bullying to 200 (in each group) grade school students, their teachers, and administrators at a local […]

This Woman’s War on Worry or What I Would Give up for Lent if I Were Catholic

19 years, 1 month, and 8 days ago I gave birth to my first child. After the initial tears of joy, the requisite finger and toe counting, family calls, and tears of joy, I was left alone for the first time with my newborn son. An overwhelming feeling of pure dread […]

Thanks Anyway Jerry Maguire

I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan. Not because I don’t like a little bit of romance, flowers, or chocolates it’s just that I don’t like the Hallmark Card, bad stuffed animal version of romance that lands on one day a year. Can’t we be romantic more frequently or at least […]

You can do better!

When I was a senior in high school my graduation plan consisted of working in downtown Chicago as somebodies administrative assistant, marrying my high school sweetheart, and having babies. All in all not a terrible plan and one that I’m sure I would have made more pleasant than not due to […]

Not My Time Syndrome

Over the last few months I have been training to be a life coach. I was required to practice interviewing individuals in order to complete my training. Instead of bothering strangers on the street, I instead bothered the people that I bother most, my friends.  In every single practice interview I […]