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Intuition and Friendship

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Have you ever had a hunch or random thought that you ignored? Then later, you realized that if you had listened to that small voice, it could have been beneficial in some way?

Much of our everyday thinking happens below the surface of our awareness. A word, a memory, or an […]

When Your Team Loses

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It’s a few weeks after the monumental World Series win by the Chicago Cubs. I’m a lifelong Chicagoan who has lived through year after year of Cubbies losing. It was incredible when they won after 108 years of defeat! The city was a blanket of joyful celebrations, touching stories, and peaceful […]

My Annual Holiday Offering to You

Since I opened my business five years ago, I’ve been offering my services for the month of December at a discounted rate. Many women throughout the year want to hire me as their life coach and just don’t have the finances to do so. I get that. Life is expensive and […]

Some Thanksgiving Musings on Doing Gratitude

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What if we are doing this gratitude thing all wrong? Here’s how I hear people doing gratitude: “It’s too bad your basement flooded, but you should just be grateful that your pipes didn’t burst. That’s much worse.” “I’m so sorry that you have cancer, but you should just be grateful that […]

Owning Your Life – Joy’s Story

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Recently my friend, Joy, told me this story. Joy was working sixty plus hours a week doing work that she loved, but not getting paid what she deserved and certainly not getting the respect that she deserved. She asked for a raise numerous times. She was denied. She asked for an […]

The Problem on the Yoga Mat

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I used to love yoga and then I stopped going because my back hurt too much. Since completing physical therapy and continuing with the exercises, I’m feeling much better. So when a friend asked me to join her at a hot yoga class, I decided to go for it. I felt […]

Owning Our Voice In The Face of Disapproval

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I’m writing this blog a few weeks prior to the presidential election. I try not to spend too much time talking about politics in my newsletters because it is dangerous territory for most of us in that it’s often so divisive and filled with cruel comments and rhetoric. If you know […]

Where Can One Find Confidence?

What's your confidence training program?

Are you confident? Are you sure? If you are confident, where did you get that confidence? These are common questions that I hear from women in my life and often a difficult question to answer. It’s a shame that there isn’t a confidence store. You know, kind of like Nordstrom’s but […]

The Five Year Review

Don’t wait to be happy, fulfilled, and joyful.

Five years ago this month, I completed a life coach training program and I started my own business.  It seems like the perfect time to do a review of the last five years of my life. Here’s the short version:  Nothing has changed. I’m kind of serious. I live in the […]

Running Guilt Commentary

People often ask me what kind of issues or topics I work on with my clients. Although we cover the gamut from relationships to work and everything in between, there is one topic that appears to be epidemic for my clients and that’s guilt. They feel guilty about their parenting, their […]