25 Brilliant Business Mentors: Their Top Tips to Catapult You to Success!

Business Book: 25 Brilliant Business MentorsIf you are a business owner or if you know one, I co-wrote a very important  business book with my successful and talented co-authors! Each one was challenged to respond to five significant business prompts in five key areas, including:

1. Mindset
2. Business Management (running a business)
3. Visibility (marketing)
4. Sales
5. Money

This business book is a designed with one clear goal: to move you forward quickly in your business, so you can thrive, excel, and enjoy greater profits. 184 magical pages cover everything you need to succeed!

Business Book Full of Tips

25 Brilliant Business Mentors Their Top Tips to Catapult You to Success! In this quick-reference book for small business owners (who want to be business-builders), 25 of the most brilliant business mentors have come together to share their top business tips, strategies, and tactics to make it easy for you to succeed as an entrepreneur!

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