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Your Butt Looks Great in Jeans – Taming Jealousy

"Your butt looks great in those jeans, I'm so jealous."

This is something my friend Stacy will often say to me. Naturally, I'm flattered and not just because of the compliment. I admire her because she is willing to admit that she's jealous. She doesn't hold back at all.

I realize that even though I […]

Four Reasons to Feel Sexier Than When You Were 25

Do you remember the body you had when you were 25?

Instead of looking back at that body you had with regret, remember that time  with joy. Stop fighting your appearance as you grow older and start enjoying your life.

Below is an excerpt of an article I wrote that gives you four reasons I […]

On Internet Trolls and the Kindness of Readers

Social media has been a wonderful way to bring people together, reconnect with former classmates, brag about your children and share more information than most people are actually interested in.  I’m typically quite entertained by Facebook posts or tweets from clever, funny people.  Unfortunately, social media also attracts many who use it as a place […]

Zero Pounds Lost; Best Year Ever

Zero Pounds Lost; Best Year Ever

It was the best year of my 50-year-old life.   Most of the other years were really nice but this one was a standout.   I didn’t lose a pound, didn’t drop a clothes size, didn’t win the lottery, didn’t find a cure for cancer, didn’t win the Nobel Peace prize, didn’t change my relationship status, and […]

The 50-Year-Old Gratitude List

My gratitude list is long but there are a few things that especially caught my attention this year.

November appears to have become “Gratitude Month” and that’s a nice thing.
I’ll gladly jump on this bandwagon though I try to be grateful all year round. This year gave me a lot of opportunities to think about all that I am thankful for. I turned 50 this year and was rather shocked by all […]

Women’s Voices; I Can’t Hear You!

Last year I opened the virtual doors to my own business.  It was a dream come true brought about by hard work and lots of advice from some really brilliant people.  One piece of advice I received from a number of sources was to get active on social media but to make sure that my […]

Herstory and Your Story

I love a good rags to riches story not in terms of financial riches but the bigger picture riches of a life well lived filled with things that mattered most to the storyteller.  My favorite stories are from women and lately I’ve happened upon some pretty amazing ones.  I’ve begun to wonder if there are […]

Are You Beautiful? A Few Reliable Sources to Find the Answer to That Question

Recently I learned of a sad situation in which teen girls were posting YouTube videos of themselves and asking viewers to respond to the question, "Am I beautiful?" They often received cruel, heartless responses that only adds to the misery of the story.

They should have checked with me first on the steps to take […]

Three teen-aged girls take on the world one fear at a time

Three teen-aged girls take on the world one fear at a time

This week I brought my daughter and her two besties (she will be so annoyed that I used that word) to work with me.  My work for that day was giving three different presentations on bullying to 200 (in each group) grade school students, their teachers, and administrators at a local school.   I brought the […]

This Woman’s War on Worry or What I Would Give up for Lent if I Were Catholic

19 years, 1 month, and 8 days ago I gave birth to my first child. After the initial tears of joy, the requisite finger and toe counting, family calls, and tears of joy, I was left alone for the first time with my newborn son. An overwhelming feeling of pure dread came over me. Before […]