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The Couch is Easier

She told me that she realized she had gotten too comfortable on her couch with her television shows and she wasn’t challenging herself to get out and face the world.

One of my brilliant clients (They all are!) told me the other day that months ago she had cancelled her cable service. As a periodic couch potato, I was shocked […]

Gratitude Made Simple (or Gratitude for Dummies – You know, like the books.)

I love Thanksgiving, but it may be more for the food than the forced gratitude day. Call me a Thanksgiving Scrooge, but sometimes the push for gratitude feels oppressive and I often feel guilty for not having some enlightened gratitude awareness.

You are most likely receiving this newsletter on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving, at least for Americans, is a time in which we give thanks for all of the blessings and gifts […]

Happiness Lessons From My Dog

Who knew that my sweet puppy would pull me out of this unhappiness and that observing her behavior would push me to change my own?

Ginger is my seventy-five pound., energy-filled Goldendoodle who joined our family almost eight years ago. I claimed that we got her for my children, but in actuality it was because […]

Are you “Chasing Meaning”?

So many people that I meet and work with are avoiding discomfort. I used to be one of those people. It’s easy to attempt to avoid discomfort; stay afraid, don’t take risks, and blame others for any negative situations you are in. Easy! Yet, easy doesn’t mean happy and healthy.

While teaching a wonderful group of women assertiveness skills, I showed them a Ted Talk by Kelly McGonigal entitled, “How to Make Stress Your Friend”.  McGonigal is a health coach […]

Selfless or Selfish: Are these our only two choices?

Here's how we get off the selfish/selfless misery train. There are thousands of options between both ends of selfless and selfish so why do we have so much trouble finding those middle spots?

Here's what my clients tell me, "I need to be completely selfless, that's just who I am. Otherwise I'm being selfish and I'm not happy that way." They tell me […]

Changing Our Voice

Her email brought tears to my eyes because I know how rotten her situation is, yet she was able to find the courage to dig even deeper.

Last week, one of my clients was going through a very difficult time.  She was ready to just succumb to the unhappiness she was feeling.  Understandably, she felt angry, out […]

The No Complaining/No Gossip Wrist Band Challenge

Many of us are just used to being negative. Complaining is as habitual as reaching for a cigarette or junk food and in many ways, equally as dangerous.

A year ago today, I was on my way home from a life-changing trip to Israel.  I was there with 200 other women from all over the country.  On the […]

Milestones – Miserable or Magical?

Apparently, I'm a bit of a romantic when it comes to life's milestones. I picture the big days as a blur of smiles, laughs, family unity, and of course perfect weather. On

Apparently, I'm a bit of a romantic when it comes to life's milestones.  I picture the big days as a blur of smiles, laughs, family unity, and of course perfect […]

The Courage of Clients

Opening up to a relative stranger, sharing dreams, wishes, fears and insecurities is not for the weak willed.

When I first decided to stop providing therapy and start life coaching with clients, I worried that I wouldn't be able to get as "deep" with clients because we would […]

Birthdays are a Gift

I see so many people who seem to be unhappy with getting older, but getting older is a gift that not all of us are given. Aging has brought a rare sense of calm and acceptance to my life. One that has made my values clearer and my goals simpler.

In May, I turned 53.  I'm really enjoying my fifties and look forward to the rest of them.  I'm looking forward to the years beyond that too.  I see so […]