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Gut Instinct vs. Reaction

We need to know the difference between gut instinct or intuition and a reaction.

Many of my clients share with me regrets or what they consider to be mistakes from their past.  They want to make sure that they don't make the same mistakes […]

The 6th Secret to Leadership of Your Life: Your Power Circle

The biggest secret to the changes in my life came from the people who I call my power circle. Here is a short list of who I think you should have in your power circle.

When I look back over the past three years and the dramatic changes that I've made in my life, I try to think clearly about how I got here so […]

Dropping 3 Really Bad Wellness Ideas

After years of observing and participating in a variety of truly dreadful wellness recommendations and ideas, I realized that many of us have been on a miserable path of yo-yo dieting, dangerous exercise activities, and truly questionable health habits. Here are three that I think you might want to consider dropping.

After years of observing and participating in a variety of truly dreadful wellness recommendations and ideas, I realized that many of us have been on a miserable path of yo-yo […]

3 Completely Unique Ways to Get Healthy Right This Minute

Before you follow some obscure diet or wild exercise plan, maybe you should start with getting healthy in your head. Here are 3 unique ways to get healthy by getting a handle on your mindset.

There is a lot of really bad advice out in the world regarding getting healthy.  Eating odd things, drinking questionable weight loss drinks, exercises that could probably kill you or […]

The 12x Formula; The 3rd Secret to Leadership of Your Life

There are so many reasons that it may not have worked out for you but do you really want to give up on making that powerful change in your life? Don't assume that because you haven't figured it out yet, you won't.

I've recently shared a statistic with all of you that people who eventually quit smoking for good have, on the average, 12 previous and failed attempts at quitting smoking.  An […]

The 2nd Secret to Leadership of Your Life: The Single Biggest Mistake That Most Women Make

If you find yourself falling back to your old patterns, it means you have picked up the old story again. Time for some brain training! Don't give up. Changing our old stories is hard work in that we've held those stories for a very long time and we are comfortable in them even if they aren't good for us.

Are you playing the same negative recording around in your head?
As we move through childhood and from young adulthood and beyond, many of us seem to playing a recording […]

The 1st Secret to Leadership of Your Life: Finding and Harnessing Your Internal Strength

Here’s the 1st of seven secrets to contagious confidence and true-life leadership.

So many women tell me that they feel as if they are just puppets on a string in their own lives.  They do things for others, they react to what […]

There is [Almost] Always Good to be Found

Almost always there is some good to be found if we just open up to look for it.

Last night it was about 5 below zero in the Chicagoland area.  I was home and comfy with my dog and a soft white blanket and I wanted to stay […]

Don’t Pass on the Stuffing this Thanksgiving – Instead give this up

What is it about the holiday season that makes us all so, well . . . miserable?
People seem very cranky as they hit the malls, the grocery stores, and […]

Scared? So what!

Scared? So What!

Dreams and Goals: What are You Afraid of?
Most of my workdays are spent talking to women about their dreams and goals.  We also talk quite a bit about getting […]