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The Secret of Happiness is Surprisingly Easy

The Secret of Happiness is Surprisingly Easy

What is the one true secret of happiness? It's surprisingly easy and yet often difficult for most of us to achieve. The true secret of happiness is to find your passions and […]

The Happiness Hunt (part 2): The Internal Pursuit

The Happiness Hunt - How to be Happy

Last time, we discussed the external pursuit of joy and happiness.  This week lets talk about the more important path to happiness and that is our internal process that leads […]

The Happiness Hunt (part 1): The External Pursuit

One of the most common reasons that women come to see me is that they have lost the feeling of happiness in their lives. Maybe life didn’t turn out the […]

Put Happiness in Your Life With The Joy Journey

The joy journey to happiness

Three years ago on January 1st I started to put a small entry into a "One line a day" journal. I wrote something short each evening about my day and […]

Three Best New Year’s Resolutions You Can Possibly Make

These are the 3 best resolutions you should continue to make forever.

Each year millions of women (and men) vow to lose weight. Apparently, only about 5% of them succeed for any length of time. From my observations, the ones that don’t […]

Regrets, Unfinished Business, Goals Not Met?

Resolutions and Regrets

I’m not sure why time seems to go faster as each year passes but I know that saying so makes me sound like my grandparents! As the year comes to […]

Thankful and Grateful for Precious Time

Thankful and grateful for everything in life.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I love the food, family time, usually mild weather, and the calm before the end of the year holiday storm.  I […]

Enjoying the Enjoyable sans the Guilt

Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed a pattern with my clients; they aren't enjoying the moments and events that they do to supposedly find enjoyment.

Admittedly, I've been […]

On Internet Trolls and the Kindness of Readers

Social media has been a wonderful way to bring people together, reconnect with former classmates, brag about your children and share more information than most people are actually interested in.  […]

Zero Pounds Lost; Best Year Ever

Zero Pounds Lost; Best Year Ever

It was the best year of my 50-year-old life.   Most of the other years were really nice but this one was a standout.   I didn’t lose a pound, didn’t drop […]