The Groundhog Day Yoga Class

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How many of you have seen and loved the movie, Groundhog Day? Bill Murray gets to live Groundhog Day over and over again until he gains insight into himself and his place in the world. How many of us wouldn’t love a chance to redo a day until we got it just right? Well it turns out that there is a yoga class that lets you do just that.

The first time I took this specific hot yoga class, I found it dreadful. It was hot, hard, confusing, and exactly what I didn’t want to do ever again. However, since I’m cheap and had already paid for a week of classes, I went back and took the class again. Much to my surprise it was EXACTLY the same class. I asked my friend who is a regular at the studio and she confirmed that yes, it is the same class every single time.

Since I get bored easily and I hated the class, it seemed a no-brainer that as soon as I had gotten my money’s worth, I would be out of there. Yet something surprising happened after finishing up my week in that dreadful class. I felt the challenge of wanting to improve and grow by taking the class again. I decided to become a member of the studio and submit myself to more regular torture.

The Groundhog Day Challenge

What’s been both interesting and inspiring is that by doing the exact same class again and again, I’ve been able to measure my own improvement. I feel confident in my ability to persevere through that class. I notice an improvement in my flexibility or strength and that improvement motivates me to do it again. Doing something over and over again is how we learn to master skills and improve.

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I teach leaders to do this with their communication and managerial skills. I remind them to pick a specific goal or intention and to do that every single day until it becomes a habit and part of their leadership repertoire. Doing the same skill repeatedly leads to improvement in the skill, but also the ability to assess how that skill is working as part of a bigger picture. Groundhog Day can be used in so many aspects of our lives.

What is something that you want to master, but feel frustrated by how challenging it is? Put it on your calendar as your Groundhog Day Challenge. Do it again and again and watch how quickly your skill and confidence grow.


Lisa Kaplin Psy. D. CPC

Lisa Kaplin Psy. D. PCC

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