How to Enjoy a Stress Free Life!

Like many, you may be feeling overwhelmed and are looking for a stress free life. Stress is so hard on the body, on our emotional well-being, and on our relationships.

Living Stress Free

Often after a week of working with clients I find that a theme shows up for a number of clients.  Some common themes have been struggling with setting limits, lack of confidence, fear of success, and relationship issues.  There is one theme, however, that seems to be constant for the majority of my clients and that is stress.  So many of them report feeling stressed and overwhelmed more often than not.

Stress is so hard on the body, on our emotional well-being, and on our personal and professional relationships.  Often it isn’t possible for us to remove exterior stressors yet it is very possible to change our internal relationship with those stressors by learning how to manage ourselves and stress in a healthier way.  Stress keeps us from experiencing joy and happiness and to living our lives to it’s fullest.

One of the best components of my business is the Stress Relief Coaching that tells us exactly how you are responding to stress, how it is keeping you from finding true contentment and happiness in your life, and what you need to do to change that.   The assessment changed my life and I’ve never been happier despite the fact that most of the things that caused me stress are still in my life.


Lisa Kaplin Psy. D. CPC

Lisa Kaplin Psy. D. PCC

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Smart Women, Inspired Lives: How to Be Happy & Confident

by Dr. Lisa Kaplin
Do you long for more energy? Do you wish you could walk into any room and feel happy and confident? Do you simply want to enjoy your life more – personally and professionally? You can. Too many women today are doing more, but feeling less satisfied. Life doesn’t have to be that way. With small tweaks and simple strategies, you can enjoy a great life with soaring self-confidence, a good sense of well-being, and plenty of laughter. This easy-to-read yet profoundly impactful book will be all you need to join the tribe of smart women living inspired lives. Your life gets better right now.

About Lisa Kaplin, Psy. D, PCC

headshot of Lisa KaplinCertified Life Coach and Psychologist at Smart Women Inspired Lives.

I’m the proud owner of Smart Women Inspired Lives, where I help overwhelmed and exhausted women move from the feeling of being “stuck” into a life filled with calm, confidence, and joy. In addition to the posts and articles I write, I offer individual and group life coaching sessions, classes and speaking engagement opportunities.


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Don’t Let Stress Control Your Life

Stress is literally killing us. It is physically debilitating, emotionally exhausting, and a true relationship destroyer. Much of the common stress reduction advice is superficial and at best a Band-Aid. Lisa’s tried and true approach to permanent stress reduction has changed many of her client’s lives. She teaches you the exact steps you need to take to reduce stress for good regardless of the chaos around you.

  • When you know how to reduce the stress in your life and your reaction to it, you will be filled with happiness and relief.
  • You will no longer fear stressful situations or how you will feel when you confront them.
  • Without all of that stress your relationships will improve, you will be more productive, and filled with amazing energy.

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