Pathway to Possibility: Creating Success on Your Terms

Pathway to Possibility This 40-day program is designed to support you in creating the success you want through consistent focus, gratitude and affirmations. We all define our success in different ways. It could be a career we love, the ability to spend more time with our family and friends, a healthy body, a thriving business, a new relationship or financial security. The point is creating the success you want on your terms is possible.

Pathway to Possibility is a compilation of mindful and meaningful tips, stories and exercises that can be used to enhance every part of your life. It is set up in five different sections to take into account the different ways our goals become a reality – Mindset, Feelings & Emotion, Vision, Spoken Word and Action.

By following Pathway to Possibility you are investing in yourself and your goals. You are setting an intention and putting action behind it so that intention can become reality. Studies have shown that you attract what you focus on. Whether you attract something you want or something you don’t is up to you. Take a few moments now to think about what it is that attracted you to this guide and what you would like to accomplish by working through the 40-day program.

Pathway to Possibility is currently unavailable. Please see Lisa Kaplin’s new book, Smart Women, Inspired Lives: How to Be Happy & Confident (Available on Amazon).

Smart Women, Inspired Lives: How to Be Happy & Confident
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