Professional Keynote Speaker

Closeup of Lisa speaking in front of a a light blue background.Lisa Kaplin is a compelling professional keynote speaker for major corporations, groups, and non-profit organizations. Leveraging her extensive education, training and research in human behavior and psychology, Lisa brings enthusiasm and excellence to her presentations.

“I have been working with Lisa as a Corporate Trainer for 11 years. I have consistently received outstanding feedback about how she connects with the audience and presents the material in an interesting and dynamic fashion.” —Dr. Mark Bakal Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach Clinical Psychologist

Most Popular and Requested Keynote Topics

Women’s Confidence in Communication

  • Learn what to say and how to say it
  • Practice asking for a raise or a promotion calmly and confidently
  • Learn how to speak up in meetings and get heard at the same time
  • Get ready to feel good both at work and when you leave work.

Guaranteed Success Secrets for Ultimate Well-being and Achievement

  • Discover how to find 10 times the energy.
  • Increase your productivity instantly.
  • Achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Get contagious confidence in all areas of your life so that you know exactly how to handle any situation.

Dealing with Difficult People While Maintaining Credibility and Calm

  • Discover hands on tools to deal with the most difficult people.
  • Increase your ability to stay calm and confident even in the face of work place strife.
  • Learn how to influence people without being bossy or manipulative

Mindset Changes to Master Confidence at Work and at Home

  • Discover conscious confidence and how to get there quickly and easily
  • Learn four confidence crushers and to avoid them
  • Practice ways to overcome mindset mishaps

Three Completely Unique Ways to get Healthy Right This Minute

  • Learn how to ditch old beliefs and thoughts that never led to health or wellness.
  • Discover exactly why you haven’t been as healthy as you want to be.
  • Identify behavioral changes that you can make immediately to start feeling better today.

Lisa speaking to a classroom of college students