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Faith and Acceptance

photo of woman from behind sitting on the bank of a lake or river holding her head in her hands.

I often find that the same issues come up for all of my clients at the same time. Interestingly enough, when that happens there are always lessons for me as well. One week, it seemed that most of my clients were really anxious about upcoming events. The theme of the week was, “What if I can’t handle that?” They were […]

Twenty-Four Years of Parenting

back of small child walking with an adult while holding their hand

This week marks the 24th anniversary of my entry into parenthood. The person who welcomed me to the job is a rather wonderful young man who has made my parenting journey a very nice one. I’d like to take credit for how fabulous he is, but he deserves the kudos far more than I do. I’m pretty sure that he […]