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The “31 Ways to Be Assertive” Challenge

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How many of us have felt that we could have handled a situation with more assertiveness? How often have you regretted not being more assertive? You aren't alone. Assertiveness is a great concept but sometimes it's hard to put into action. Many of us never learned how to be assertive and thus we move through life either in passive reaction […]

Can Earth Mama Still Assert Herself?

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A few weeks ago I was leading a women’s assertiveness class with a fabulous group of women. In the class we practice assertive behavioral and verbal skills both personally and professionally. The women in the class were highly accomplished professionals, yet still struggle with asserting themselves and leading their teams. One woman kept calling herself “Earth Mama” and suggesting that […]

Assertiveness Gone Missing

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I spend a lot of time with really smart, accomplished women who are really lacking in assertiveness. When I ask these brilliant women why they aren't more assertive, I get two common answers; 1) What if I'm wrong? 2) I don't want to hurt anyone else. Let's unpack these a little bit.

"What if I'm wrong?" Why are women so afraid […]