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Finding Our Humanity Through Kindness and Compassion

crowd at a large outdoor event holding up their open hands

My daughter is a freshman at Pennsylvania State University. (Penn State for those of us who are paying the bills.) My girl is having one heck of a time at her school. She loves her sorority, her dorm floor, and the beauty that comes with being on her own and having someone else pay most of her expenses. In February, […]

The Fourteen-Year Pain Lesson

I left that physical therapy session feeling really embarrassed and somewhat ashamed of myself. Most of my time is spent guiding women into lives of power, happiness, and self care and here I was having spent fourteen years in a sufficient amount of pain.

A few weeks ago, I started working with a physical therapist. Here’s how our first conversation went:

Her: “I see you are here because your back is bothering you. Have you ever been to physical therapy before?”

Me: “No.”

Her: “How long have you been in pain due to your back?”

Me: “Ummmm, let me think about it. About fourteen […]

Step Out of Overwhelm and Into Happiness

Step out of Overwhelm and Into Happiness: Stress Relief for Women

Step out of overwhelm by walking away from stress even if just for a while.
I've yet to meet a woman either personally or professionally who isn't hard on herself about getting things done. "I still need to get to the grocery store," or "I wish I could get a workout in" or "I'm not performing as well as I […]