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Biding Time?

Three silhouetted people jumping into the air with an orange and purple sunset behind them.

Last week, I had a series of clients who talked about biding their time in order to get through rather miserable situations. One client was going to stay in a very unhappy marriage for a few more years...for the kids. Another high-level executive was going to stay in a tough job situation for another two years. He was just going […]

Efforting or Not for 2018

photo of woman staring at a computer screen with a bored and frustrated look on her face.

One of my brilliant clients came up with the word “efforting.” She used it to describe times that she’s not in the flow of either her business or her personal life. It’s when she is slugging through the day and dreading tasks that she doesn’t feel connected with. I love the word and I completely get it. It’s when we […]

Planning for the Stomach Flu

photo of page in a dayplanner with one date circled in red.

A few weeks ago, my husband called to tell me that he had the stomach flu. I was out of town and I think I kindly said, “As soon as you feel better, can you disinfect the house?” He actually did do that! I got home after the sickness-tsunami with my son saying to me, “You were really lucky you […]

Summer Memories Relived

photo of woman in a bikini, in midair jumping into a lake.

Since I was a young girl, I have truly lived for the summer. I’m a life-long Chicagoan and summers are hard won around here. The beautiful weather, the green surroundings, and the shedding of layers as we Chicagoans leave our caves to enjoy the world is a long awaited reward. When I was young, summers were mostly freedom to run […]

Work/Life Balance? What Are We Really Striving For?

woman balancing on one foot on top of a tree stump

So many of the women I know tell me they are looking for more balance in their lives. They feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and scattered in a million directions. Most of them feel as if they aren’t doing a good job either at home or at work, and thus are always feeling guilty and unhappy. That’s a terrible way to live […]

Being Everything to Everybody

stressed woman, holding head and screaming

Many of my clients and friends are truly everything to everybody . . . and they are truly miserable. They are the perfect wives, the perfect mothers, the go-to women at work, adoring daughters, and the always-available friend. They are also completely pissed off, resentful, and bordering on walking away from everyone.
Since when did being everything to everybody become […]